Optimal delivery experiences

Offer the perfect balance between convenience and cost.
Keep customers in control and win the last-mile!

When Last-mile delivery
is the new digital commerce battleground

Finding the right balance for every transaction between delivery cost and growing consumers’ expectations for convenience is the Holy Grail for retail carriers and 3PLs, and
excelling at that challenge requires close coordination between commerce and logistics and the ability to shape consumers’ behavior

Different goods, different challenges


Find the balance between the need for speed and surging demand by bringing your fleet capacity considerations to the point-of-sale.


Serve both the economical and the convenience buyer with dynamic pricing for a range of appointments windows

Big & Bulky

Excel at effective consumer communication, in particular for the more complex and lengthier supply chains

Your new secret sauce for winning the last-mile

✓  The integration of commerce and logistics at the point-of-sale is enabling dynamic choice of convenience and cost

✓  Deep business insights are driving better planning of last-mile logistics and transportation

✓  Effective communication based on the customer’s unique needs and preferences drives a better experience from purchase to delivery

Trusted by and empowering the world’s biggest brands

Success story
re-inventing the home delivery market

Success Story:
Re-inventing the home delivery market

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