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Serving brands like Amazon, Ikea, Nespresso, Zara, and Poste Italiane, Milkman proved that, with the right technology, carriers can win the e-commerce battle

Our approach to your industry’s problem


Pain point

As ecommerce rises, last-mile logistics is turning into a battleground where both retailers and carriers are looking to set a new bar for efficiency and customer experience. The recent stress-test has further shaken the delivery industry, and many carriers are asking themselves what it would take to differentiate in this crowded market.

Our solution

We help you to get to know your territory better than anyone else, using a logistics CRM strategy, shaping the delivery demand via dynamic pricing, we keep improving our customers efficiency by utilizing machine learning algorithms: this is the way forward to wrestle and subdue the New Normal.

Milkman’s platform for carriers

Point of Sale Interaction

Offer the perfect balance of convenience and cost during- and or post-purchase

Delivery Experience

Keep the end customer in control and retailer happy with a unique branded experience

Logistics CRM

Master your customers’ logistics needs and preferences


Optimize the allocation of transportation resources


Streamline the logistics process from the warehouse to your customer’s door

AI, ML & Hyperautomation

Be on the path of automatic continuous improvement

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