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by | Mar 3, 2021

Bringing the “boutique” feel of the most
successful coffee capsules Retailer to
e-commerce delivery

In 2017 one of the most successful coffee pods and capsules Retailers & Manufacturers in
the world decided to partner with Milkman, a two-years old startup, for the deliveries of
products bought online and destined to the city of Milan, its biggest Italian plaza.
Fast-forward three years and the two companies have tightened their partnership, covering
the 12 most populous Italian cities through MLK Deliveries, a Poste Italiane division created
in joint venture with Milkman.

This Retailer is well known for its customer-centric and high-end approach to image and
business: Hollywood stars as testimonials; shops, called boutiques, located in famous
high-streets on tourist destinations, side by side with the biggest names in fashion; well
trained personnel in uniform, who will offer you a coffee as soon as you step in; tastin
events and top notch post-purchase assistance. Its taste for design seemed to be naturally
drawn towards our own passion for designing market-leading optimal delivery experiences.

With the explosion of online shopping the Retailer knew well enough that it had to re-create
the same “boutique” feel for its e-commerce. Its product, not being sold in supermarkets or
by non-branded shops, had to arrive in the customer’s hands without friction, with speed
and elegance.

The Brand had already worked hard to smooth down many of the pre-purchase barriers: free
standard deliveries, every possible payment method accepted a vast network of pick-up
points. But it wanted to set a new bar for its home delivery operations.

From an internal research the Retailer knew that half of their customers ordered online when
their stock was running dry. A day lost would mean that the customer had to look for his
coffee elsewhere, be it at the bar or from a competitor. Unacceptable.

Milkman was approached to offer same-day and time-defined deliveries, both of which had already been successfully rolled-out for other internationally renowned brands. They come with an innovative real-time tracking experience, with ample ground for interaction and a dashboard that gives total control over ongoing orders, thus relieving the customer service of much of its stress. As soon as the service opened its test run in Milan the positive reviews started pouring in, but the biggest surprises were yet to come.

Same-day deliveries and flexible time-slots became the go-to option for about 6% of the Retailer’s online customers, whose happiness is paramount, them being high-value big-volume aficionados, who want to receive their orders fast and be home to receive their beloved stash of coffee.

It soon became apparent that Customers find great convenience in choosing the delivery
day and that many others, when enabled to do so, like to order their coffee well in advance.
Even without picking a time slot, have discovered how useful it is to follow their purchase in
real-time, thus knowing since the early morning the approximated time of arrival, which gets
more and more precise as the driver approaches his destination. Every second counts when
you have to program your day.

With almost 40% of customers accessing their personal page and 6% interacting with it (55% change the date – 82% change the hour – 26% change the address – 3% insert Doorman or opening hours for shops), the tracking page becomes the foremost communication channel with the end user. It’s not just a cluster of information but an ever-developing meeting point where trust is built and operations optimized, where the recipient can see the name and photo of his driver; pinpoint the access to his house, follow the van moving on the map, add notes that are immediately displayed to the driver.

Thanks to our hyper-automated delivery orchestration platform, Milkman and MLK became the only delivery partners of this Retailer having a number of claims in the low decimals,
during the last month of 2020, among a worldwide emergency and the longest peak ever recorded in logistics. With 4.6/5 stars rating left by recipients on the tracking page and a
97% of first-attempt successes (against 95,14% industry average in the same period in the UK [IMRG Metapack UK Delivery Index – January 2020]) the plan to expand operations at the National level and possibly beyond proceeds at full speed and mutual satisfaction.

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