Customer experience drives topline and bottomline growth

Milkman has enabled international brands like Nespresso, Ikea and Eataly to introduce innovative features that resulted in increased customer loyalty and reduced first-try failures

Milkman platform for retailers

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Industry Pain Points

Failed first-try deliveries, clunky returns and brand inconsistencies are a perpetual pain in the e-commerce sector, driving higher shipping costs, customer service overwork and lower customer retention.

Our Solution

Milkman has enabled international retailers with Direct-to-Consumer operations to introduce features like dynamic pricing, free appointment choice and real-time tracking, boosting customer loyalty and reducing first-try failures to a mere 3%

Big & Bulky (furniture and home appliance)

Industry Pain Points

Low density, long driving times, setup and installation to be taken into account: delivering heavy goods is a complex game, with failures or un-optimized missions having expensive long term consequences.

Our Solution

Milkman has helped Brands to develop deep business insights that drive better planning of last-mile logistics and transportation, while empowering customers with choice and control of appointments at the point of sale and transparency from purchase to delivery day


Industry Pain Points

Grocers find themselves forced to leap forward their plans and meet unprecedented demand. They have to re-think their ecommerce margins, while shoppers realize that charges of crowdsourced models are too high

Our Solution

Milkman, partnering with a $5B European grocer, proved that with dynamic pricing (taking into account historical data, real-time demand and transportation capacity), a grocer can retain the highest level of optimization and influence consumer behavior to flatten the demand curve

Milkman platform for retailers

Point of Sale Interaction

Offer the perfect balance of convenience and cost

Delivery Experience

Keep your customers in control and deliver with a unique branded experience

Logistics CRM

Master your customers’ logistics needs and preferences


Optimize the allocation of transportation resources


Streamline the logistics process from the warehouse to your customer’s door

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Hyperautomation

Be on the path of automatic continuous improvement

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